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2018 Diary: March

Sunday 4 March

No work this week, for obvious reasons!

Tuesday 15 March

Sunday 25 March

As it was a nice sunny day and a nice change from all the recent snow, plus the first day of summer, Alan & Rita decided to work in the cemetery today, Andy came in later for a chat. First task was to pick up the dead branches and twigs that had been blown off the trees at the front of the main gate and cut down the saplings from the base of the large tree. A new cross is wanted for the Shrimpton 48/305 grave section F, Kenneth was a casualty of WW1. This is a grave that Fine Memorials will be restoring for us this Summer, which has its cross missing. A suitable cross was found.

Alan washed the stones of the Blackmore 84/980 grave, which were dug out in February, and replaced them back in the grave. Andy took a photo of the refurbished grave. Rita cleared up the dead brambles on the bluebell area and started breaking up the branches and logs on the rubbish pile and put them in dumpy bags. Andy giving assistance in moving the logs to a 'wood pile'.

Monday 26 March

As rain was forecast for most of the coming week, Alan decided to go to the cemetery to complete a few outstanding jobs. First job tackled was washing the green stone chippings dropped in the cemetery by Fine Memorial at the end of last year. The green chippings were added to the grave of Henry Munday H 79/453 as there were only a few green stones left in this grave which has improved the appearance. The remainder of the stones were added to the Acland grave B 20/99, but before this could be done the end kerb and two posts that had been displaced were cemented back into position. Andy will be asked to take photos of these graves. While using the cement Alan decided to cement together the end kerb and two posts of the Holman grave 4 22/1030, which had come apart. All jobs completed.

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