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2018 Diary: February

Thursday 1 February

It's only the start of February, and here are the dafodils!

Thursday 22 February

Back from their holiday Alan and Rita decided to go to the cemetery as it was a bright but chilly day with cold and possible snow showers coming in later in the week. The first job was to pick up 8 bags of stone chipping from Cannington Quarry.

Membrane was put in the Pring 114/997, Dyer 96/989 and Coleman 82/979 graves in section M, and chipping laid in to finish off the graves. As the work went so well they decided to start on the Blackmore 84/980 a double grave with a headstone that had been laid down inside and stone chipping that was full of earth and weeds. This was weeded and the stone chippings were was dug out and put in bags and will be sieved and cleaned at a later date.

Tuesday 27 February

Having collected an additional 4 bags of stone chipping from Astrid's son (plus two delivered previously), Alan rang Andy to see if he was available to add the stones to the Slocombe and Allen/Parsons graves. This was completed and we now have a nice group of graves with just the Copp 86 and Baker 85 to be tidied to complete the row. Andy then took photos of the completed graves, they then had a general look around the cemetery.

The weather was bitterly cold so decided to go home.

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