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2017 Diary: October

Sunday 8 October

A lovely sunny day, Alan, Dave and John in today. Dave only in for an hour as he had an appointment in Sidmouth. To make best use of his time he and Alan started on the Sheppard grave 111/ 1362, this grave was tidied up 2 or three years ago and filled with wood chipping, but the grave had been taken over by couch grass and weeds, the kerbs had fallen over.

First job was to remove the wood chipping, dig out the weeds and find the pad-stones which were intact. The kerbs were cemented back into position, unfortunately one kerb had broken in half, this was supported by an additional pad-stone. Earth put around the outside of the grave to tidy and give it support. A decision will be made later on the type of infill to be used to fill the centre of the grave to restrict weeds.

John in the meantime was working his way around the non-conformist area cutting back branches that were growing below head height, he did a superb job, even he was surprised at the amount he had cut and dragged across to the waste area. Alan sieved the stones belonging to the Herniman grave 4/1259, they will need to be washed before returning to the grave.

Before they left John and Alan looked at the Smith memorial 1/875 that had a large cross recently re-erected, Dave cleaned the cross last Sunday and it now stands tall and proud and shone in the sunshine.

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