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2017 Diary: January

Wednesday 11 January

Alan was contacted by Fine Memorials asking if he could place a marker to identify the Ware grave as relatives had funded a headstone which the workmen were going to put up the next day. Alan and Andy decided that as they were going in to place the marker they may as well collect some stone chipping from the quarry to finish off the Evis 1108 grave that had collapsed and was back filled in December. Membrane and stone chipping was added and the job was completed. Andy took a photograph. A marker was placed on the Walter and Elizabeth Ware grave and Fine Memorials informed of how to locate the grave.

Thursday 12 January

Andy decided to go in the cemetery to see how Fine Memorials were getting on as it was pouring with rain and very cold. They had put up the Ware memorial stone and Andy took a photo.

After completing the Ware grave the workmen moved over to the Broom 885 and King 884 graves, memorials with tiers and crosses that needed to be re-erected.

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