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2017 Diary: February

Thursday 2 February

Monday 20 January

Alan & Rita decided they needed some fresh air and exercise, so as the weather was mild decided to go to the cemetery. Due to the amount of twigs blown down, the first task was to sweep the front path and clear the graves along the pathway of twigs and leaves. Just as we finished sweeping the path along came Astrid and Parsley taking a walk through the cemetery to take photos of the daffodils which are now beginning to bloom.

Moving on to the Ware grave (1393) Map 8 where the family have recently put up a new headstone, we cleaned the area in front of the grave raking out the weeds. Rita & Astrid sowed some grass seed and then transplanted the buddleia bush that was growing out of the Perrett grave (1026) and then helped Alan clean out the Perrett grave and Wyncoll 1025 graves.

Pleased with our efforts we moved on to the King 884 and Broom 885 graves, recently restored by Fine Memorials. One of the kerbs on the Broom grave was broken, it had to be packed, levelled and cemented back into position. While Alan was busy on this, Rita & Astrid cut back a Holly and Brambles which were growing in the Sellick grave (1236). Map 5

Before leaving, grass seed was sown around the Barrow 992 grave a very nice memorial recently restored by Fine Memorial for Mrs Purchase. We all went home tired and weary, not used to working so hard, and Rita was so glad that she had a spare pair of gloves that Astrid could borrow and stayed to help us out.

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